Raising awareness

ID Academy Free Awareness sessions

  • Are you the manager of the present and the future?
  • Are you interested in disruptive innovation?
  • Do you want to become your company’s intellectual treasure hunter?
  • Do you want to create more revenue for your company?

If so, join us in the Thomas More’s ID Academy provocative educational program that highlights the latest developments in the knowledge and innovation economy.

Trending topics

Trending topics for the programme are these: knowledge management, entrepreneurship, intellectual capital management & accounting, disruptive innovation, start-ups and green business. Before the program takes off, awareness sessions, round tables, workshops will be organized and as of 2017, our exciting and provocative EMBA program will be starting.

The courses will be delivered in English so that an international audience will be able to participate. World renowned experts will share their knowledge and experience and at the end of the program a recognized certificate can be attained.

Practical cases and questions will be dealt with during the Awareness Sessions:

  • You want to sell your business. Will you determine your company’s value based on historical costs or do you want to know the actual value of your company?
  • As an HR-expert you want to know how much value was added by your managers with the budgets they have spent. How do you do this?
  • Your client wants to save costs using your services, and asks specifically which added value your services can offer to the customers’ business in terms of new revenue and cashflow.
  • Suppose you go to the bank for a loan as a knowledge or innovation company. The bank will ask you what you can offer as a guarantee. Imagine that you could give the intellectual capital value of your company as collateral instead of your private property?
  • Suppose you have to dismiss some people in your business, who would you choose? The most expensive, the most recently hired, the most difficult one? Not an easy choice unless you have already identified the “key knowledge careers” and how much they are worth to your business.
  • Suppose you want to increase your revenue, have you thought about how to have any one idea create multiple ways of making money. Have you considered licensing your know how to other companies?
  • Suppose you want to outsource a department. Why not compare the intellectual value of your department with the intellectual value of the outsourcing services?
  • Suppose you want to know the ROI of an introduced project (e.g. a new service, a new product, a marketing campaign, training sessions, change projects, ICT projects). Wouldn’t it be useful for you to know the exact added value of any project to your company?
  • What if a competitor copies your services without a license and you want to claim a compensation? Should you only charge the costs or the real added value of the service?

For further information on the content of these courses, please contact us at the ID Academy.