Getting experience

These are 2 day intensive workshops to help companies develop new strategies for Innovation and new revenue approaches to help growth.

At the end of the workshop companies will understand how the Intellectual Capital Accounts can be used to:

  • Meet the standards outlined in the International Accounting Standards
  • Carry out a due diligence of the Intangible assets
  • Determine which factors are considered when looking at the value of an Intangible asset
  • Use the accounts to support the growth of the company
  • Understand the investments in intangible capital and how these are reflected in the results of the company
  • Show that the implementation of the central strategies of the company can be demonstrated and directly related to costs, revenue and asset development
  • Demonstrate the future potential of assets and revenue flows

Disclose the costs and assets within the area of human capital, structural capital, customer capital and strategic alliance capital.

For further information on the content of these courses, please contact us at the ID Academy.