InstructorAreopa Experts
TypeOnsite Course
Time2018- To be advised
Price€1 500
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This workshop will challenge businesses to identify where their knowledge can be exploited and managed to create new cash value for the organization.

Intellectual Capital is the sum of everything everybody in a company knows that gives it a competitive edge. Unlike the assets with which business people and accountants are familiar – land, factories, equipment, cash – Intellectual Capital is intangible. It is the knowledge of a workforce, the training and intuition of a team. It is the collaboration – the shared learning – between a company and its customers, which forges a bond between them that brings the customers back again and again.

This workshop positions Intellectual Capital calculation as a management tool and not as a simple financial calculation of the intangible assets of the organization and thus explaining the difference between book value and market value.  It will help companies management to understand the value of the Intellectual Capital of their organization. By giving a monetary value to the Intellectual Capital, the company starts to understand the value and the impact.

This intensive workshop will outline the importance of Intellectual Capital (IC) by raising awareness of the unknown or untapped applications for IC. Given the fast pace of innovation, the application of IC will help the businesses understand how value can successfully be extracted from IC creation and management in practical business circumstances.

The workshop will deliver a proven 4 steps approach to understanding the hidden Intellectual Capital in the organisation.

After the workshop participants will gain awareness of how to :

  • Understand the importance and risks of the Intellectual Capital to their business.
  • Prepare their business to exploit its Intellectual Capital.
  • Protect their Intellectual Capital.
  • Deliver and grow their Intellectual Capital to increase revenues and profits.