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TypeOnsite Course
Time2018- To be advised
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More and more people are talking about Business Model Innovation giving successful stories like Nespresso, Ryanair, Airbnb and Google as an example. But what exactly is business model innovation? How can my organisation benefit from it? And how do I get started? Get practical answers and instant inspiration in this workshop.

Research has shown that innovating your business model can create up to 25 times the competitive advantage compared to product and process innovation. However, recent surveys by Forbes, the Harvard Review found that only 17% of the companies looked at their business model and compared it with the competitors. It’s time to change that focus!

Participants will be inspired by lots of examples and will walk away with new ideas that will help boost their performance. In addition, they will explore a hands-on tool that will help them to generate new business models. The goal is that all participants understand how practical business model innovation will generate more cash for their business. It will be a truly innovative experience!

This intensive workshop will use a proven methodology to examine and discuss the practical information to enable companies to understand:

  • How complete sectors are changing.
  • What are our competitors doing to disrupt us?
  • What is a business model?
  • How does a business model help us generate revenue and profits?
  • How is it relevant to us?
  • Which business model creativity tools are practical to use?
  • How to start with an innovative mindset?
  • What are the different techniques?
  • What are the 12 Business Model Blocks?
  • Which are real case studies?