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Time2018- To be advised
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This roundtable will focus on the characteristics of Business in the 21st century. So far this has been marked by an increase in the use of technology to create new ideas, manage knowledge, information and data, constantly innovate and use intellectual capital and intellectual property, market those ideas to consumers and communicate the message of a brand to those around the world.

As a result of this increase in computerized resources, the economy has become more global than ever before. Companies are able to instantly interact with businesses and potential customers in faraway regions of the world.

This raises challenges for business as technologies create tensions and disruptions such as Uber and Airbnb with their Extended Networks of small businesses and individuals coming together on a project basis.

This roundtable will explore the following:

  • How do you make a company faster and more adaptable?
  • How does a Belgian company compete in this faster, more adaptable, highly innovative, more market and customer focused environment?
  • How do you make a company highly innovative?
  • What does it mean to be more market and customer focused?
  • Which skills does a 21st Century Manager need to be productive in this environment?
  • Which business model works best?

Join this roundtable to find out and to hear from experts and others on their strategies for this challenging future.