InstructorAreopa Experts
TypeOnsite Course
Time2018- To be advised
Price€1 500
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Your company has or wants innovative products or services. Of course you want as many people as possible to make use of these. When a company turns to licensing its intellectual capital, it opens up a whole new world of customers, giving it money to fuel future inventions. But how can you make sure you’re getting your innovations into new places while still getting a good deal for all your hard work?

This intensive workshop offers practical advice and tips that will help you make the step into licensing. It will examine and help companies to develop their licensing strategy by creating awareness of :

  • How to help people understand the value of the license to their company?
  • How to reach your Licensing Market?
  • How to establish a relationship with your Licensors?
  • How to install Quality Management?
  • What is Intellectual Property and Ownership?
  • Which are licensing Agreements?
  • How to enforce it?
  • How to negotiate the License?
  • What about exclusivity?
  • How to establish license boundaries and priorities?
  • What about royalty pricing?
  • What is the licensing risk?