InstructorAreopa Experts
TypeOnsite Course
Time2018- To be advised
Price€1 500
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Up till now most Intellectual Property workshops deal with legal requirements.  This intensive workshop is different and provides practical knowledge about using IP for business success. This workshop will cover the basics of Intellectual Property and provide information on how to build a cost effective strategy to protect your ideas by registering the right mix of:

  • Patents,
  • Databases,
  • Trade Marks,
  • Designs,
  • Geographical Indications,
  • Utility Models,
  • Plant Variety Rights,
  • Semiconductor Topographies,
  • Copyright
  • Trade Secrets.

In addition, the workshop will also help companies to understand using case studies and exercises:

  • How to use IP in the real world?
  • How to file your own trademark?
  • How to conduct a preliminary search to ensure that your idea or mark is original?
  • What needs to be considered if you are selling digital products?
  • How to prevent misuse and counterfeiting?
  • How to make sure that your investment in IP is profitable?