InstructorAreopa Experts
TypeOnsite Course
Time2018- To be advised
Price€1 500
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2018 – To be advised

Are your customers looking for new services from you? Do they expect more every day? Can you innovate to meet their expectations? This workshop will provide a practical services innovation methodology, and provide you with templates and instructions that can be applied to any service or industry.

This intensive workshop will encourage businesses to develop a systematic approach to:

  • Create innovation ideas for YOUR services
  • Choose the best service ideas that will make your business grow
  • Quickly use powerful creativity and innovation tools and techniques
  • Teach others in your team how to use innovation in services.
  • Use dozens of examples, templates and tools to help you with service Innovation

This workshop will also help companies in Belgium access existing Belgian or EU Funding programmes by enabling them through:

  • Encouraging companies to do strategic thinking around innovative products and technologies and to look outside their own organisations for inspiration and for guidance. For R&D, this could include a competitor review to determine the current status of scientific or technical knowledge in the area.
  • Encouraging companies to develop new product ideas by looking at new combinations of their existing inventions, new ideas and new technology solutions.
  • An investigation of solutions that may be available from the Government and University sector. How can you get involved with a University to look at technology support and transfer? What funding is available to help you with product development? How can Prototype development assist in the evaluation of project options?
  • Analysis of the commercial feasibility of the project – resources required, risks and potential return on investment. This could include interaction with potential customers.

The outputs from this workshop should help develop a project plan that could form the basis of an application for R&D or other relevant funding from the Belgian Government or the EU.