InstructorAreopa Experts
TypeOnsite Course
Time2018 - To be advised
Price€1 500
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Innovation doesn’t just happen – it needs to be managed!

Need help to develop your next product? Busy people benefit from following a structured process. This intensive workshop will provide you with product development techniques that will give your business :

  • Practical documented techniques
  • A proven approach to keep you on track
  • Useful templates to follow
  • Helpful tools to reduce risk

This workshop will also help companies in Belgium access existing Belgian Funding programmes by enabling them through:

  • Encouraging companies to do strategic thinking around innovative products and technologies and to look outside their own organisations for inspiration and for guidance. For R&D, this could include a competitor review to determine the current status of scientific or technical knowledge in the area.
  • Encouraging companies to develop new product ideas by looking at new combinations of their existing inventions, new ideas and new technology solutions.
  • An investigation of solutions that may be available from the Government and University sector. How can you get involved with a University to look at technology support and transfer? What funding is available to help you with product development? How can Prototype development assist in the evaluation of project options?
  • Analysis of the commercial feasibility of the project – resources required, risks and potential return on investment. This could include interaction with potential customers.

Outputs from this workshop should help develop a project plan that could form the basis of an application for R&D or other relevant funding from the Belgian Government or the European Union.