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Time2018- To be advised
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In the past 30 years there has been a rise of intangible assets or Intellectual Capital in company valuations compared to material assets. The intangible assets or Intellectual Capital of a company can reach up to 82% depending on its sector. The more knowledge intensive a company is, the higher the level of intangible assets or Intellectual Capital is.
In the 21st century the systematic approach with intangible assets or Intellectual Capital will increasingly gain business importance. We live in the information era, in which the knowledge of an organization is a critical advantage and success factor on the market. The need to handle know how in a systematic way is becoming more important due to the increasing globalization (and the related change of offer and supply of know-how) and due to the increased shortage of skilled workforce (and the consequent need to secure the know how in an organization). However, most companies have no systems in place to manage or account for these assets and so they go unreported.
This intensive workshop will look at a proven methodology tied to the International Accounting Standard for Intangibles (IAS 38) to help companies prepare, report and understand the Intellectual Capital in turnover and assets terms within their accounts.